Premier mobile archery business in New York City!

Due to COVID we currently do not have any mobile archery locations in order to provide archery lessons. If you have a location and space to bring a private party to you, please contact us.

Welcome to Hidden Gems Archery

Great sport for Family and Friends

Instructional Staff

We have dedicated instructors to give you help during each session

Traditional Archery Program

We are a traditional archery program and teach with recurve bows

All Are Welcomed

We have an environment where all individuals are welcomed

who we are

Hidden Gems Archery is a mobile archery business. We set up archery ranges in various parts of New York City. We also travel outside of NYC for private events. You can find us in Harlem on Saturdays and in Brooklyn Heights once a month on Sundays. We specialize in organizing group events at a location of your choice and archery programs catering to children.

  • Archery Ranges in Brooklyn and Manhattan
  • Youth-focused programs
  • Community events
  • School programs (zero period and after school)
  • Professional Development
  • Team Activities

Types of Sessions

we set up small ranges or big classes depending on the event.

Small Classes

this set up is for younger age students and private lessons.

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Bigger Sessions

we do this for corporate events and at some of our mobile ranges.

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Community Events

we set up one or two targets and invite others to try archery.

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Years in Business


Archery Sessions for Public


Archery in Schools Program


Lessons donated to fundraisers

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some questions below.

We go as young as 6 years old.

Yes, we do our best to teach adaptation in archery. Email us if you want to discuss a specific disability.

Yes, please contact us for bulk pricing.

Yes, you can bring your bow to shoot if less than 30 pounds. And yes you can get a discount of $5 off.

Yes, we have done events in the surrounding areas. Please email us with more details.

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