Payment Feel free to pay in advance.

Introductory Archery Lesson

Introductory Class $50

This is your first class with us. 90 minutes course in a small group. We will cover safety, equipment, and a shooting style that fits your ability.

Regular Lessons

This is the cost for coming one day to try archery. Using our equipment is $40. Using your equipment is $30. This is a 1-hour session (8 people or less in a class) or a 90-minute session (8 - 16 people in a class). Purchase after Introductory Course.

We have specials, just ask us!.
Two archers waiting to shoot.

Bundle of 8

If you buy eight lessons upfront you will receive a discount. **You can purchase this after Introductory Course.**

Bryant watching Etienne do Archery

Private Lessons

The private lessons are for 1-hour. If there is a bow you prefer to use, please tell us. We have Traditional bows, Genesis bows and Recurve bows

Five to eight people doing archery

School Specials

School time archery . We will bring archery to your students in the mornings or during the day. We bring the bows, target butts, netting and all the equipment necessary for participants to have a fun and safe time. Price will vary.

Different Archery bows.

Archery Bootcamp

Learn how to shoot three different bows in one lesson. 1) Recurve bow: side-anchor, 2) Recurve bow: olympic-style shooting, 3) Genesis Bow (in the family of the compound bow), and 4) Long Bow. The class will be for two hours. So make sure you stretch!